Masai Mara

Kenyan safaris rekindle the imagination associated with thrilling wildlife adventures. When you think of a Kenyan safari, you no doubt picture roaring African lions, herds of elephants, wildebeests and zebras thundering across vast sweeping savannas, and the joy of basking in Africa’s long sunshine and wilderness. The range and variety of Kenyan safaris has never been larger or more attractive than it is today.

There are many options to suit your taste and preference, covering different kinds of unique wildlife experiences and different levels of wildness, comfort, luxury, adventure and cost.

From balloon adventures, wildlife safaris, beach camping and luxury resorts to extreme, special-interest safaris that incorporate additional adventures such as mountain climbing, Kenyan safaris and tour companies can tailor an organized tour to meet your specific needs and interests. For those who prefer to be in control of planning when and where you go, you can always take a tour by yourself or plan one with family or friends. You are only limited by your imagination.
Kenya’s Wild Safari

Kenya’s national parks and game reserves are a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a variety of Kenyan animals and accommodations to suit all preferences. From low budget camping to moderately priced lodges to top-notch luxury bush lodges, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The most famous of all Kenya’s game parks is, of course, the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Maasai Mara is known for its wildebeest migration but it is also home to Kenya’s “big five” animals, more than 400 species of birds, and varying topography. In addition to the “Big Five”, you will find plenty of interesting Kenyan wildlife such as hippos, jackals, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, wildebeests, hyenas, antelope, cheetahs, crocodiles and more.

Kenya Fly Safari

Kenya Air Safari (Fly-in Safari)

This luxury Kenyan safari is designed for those who have a limited amount of time and want to see as much as possible on their short visit to Kenya. A fly-in safari is perfect for getting a bird’s eye view of the landscape of Kenya’s different national park destinations, as a light aircraft whisks you between lodges, major towns, game parks or national reserve airstrips. Once you book a Kenyan fly-in safari, all logistics are taken care of, and all you will need to do is simply relax and enjoy.

Fly-in safaris are a perfect way to experience Kenya’s magnificence and beauty. Once you have been picked up for the safari, usually from your first point of arrival in Kenya, you can just let go and enjoy the adventure. You will be flown from one lodge or camp to another, depending on the itinerary you have chosen. All of Kenya’s major national parks and game reserves have their own private landing strips. In many cases, your pilot will also be a qualified guide and will remain with you for the duration of the safari. The lodges and camps you will stay in are some of the best accommodations available in the Kenyan wild.

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