Missionary-charity-tours and volunteering in Kenya-Africa

Opportunities exist in Kenya for volunteers, missionaries, charity groups work and internships. There are many organisations that we collaborate with in Kenya and the rest of East Africa that will be more than willing to accommodate you and your services to their respective communities.
Essenia Safari Experts will assist you merge your holiday-work experience by providing a carefully blended holiday experience and vocational opportunities. Just tell us what you need and we will show you how to do it.

Mission, Charity Tours in Kenya and Africa
Mission ToursVolunteer and missionary tours have grown largely due to the increasing North South pro-poor movement. Needy situations in Africa including Kenya,-Africa’s volunteer and charity missions are a result of Tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS, Education, Poverty, Environment and Hunger among others social conditions.

Projects in which charitable volunteers, human delivery services and resources are channeled to in Kenya and Africa including: – volunteering in Children’s Homes, Conservation Organizations, Community based development projects, School volunteer teaching, volunteers in Hospitals-Religious organizations, Churches/mosques/temples, Women’s organizations and Societal social groups.

Mission, Charity, Volunteer Travel needs and Planning in Kenya and Africa
Apart from helping you identify organizations to fit your interests in this region, as tour operators, we will handle the traveling, orientation, booking and other logistics for you or your groups.

Kenyan Destitute children’s Homes include;
SOS children’s Home, Dagorreti children’s Home, Nyumbani children’s Home, Mama Fatuma children’s Destitute ChildrenHome, Mama Ngina children’s Home among others.

Experiences to these homes range from a few hours visit to long term voluntary services.
Internship with the children’s home will require an intern to house themselves in the many hostels where food and accommodation is cheap and affordable. Pediatricians can choose to rent apartments or affordable long-stay hotels. Care for these children offers an experience so righteous and self developing like none other.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteers Projects
Conservation Organisations will be more than willing to accommodate your voluntary input in many of their wildlife conservation projects. Most of them accept volunteers ranging from gap year interns to retired volunteer workers especially those with relevant education and or experience. Conservation organizations range from Government owned to private to community ranches.

Kenya Community Based Volunteer Projects
community toursCommunity based projects that volunteers from Europe and the Americans can engage in Kenya include water projects, farming, recycling, conservation, youth projects, construction of community utilities e.g. churches, schools and bridges among others and they are widely spread countrywide. Each community has its distinct development, health, education and social issues that could benefit from an interns valued contribution.

Affordable Accommodation for Volunteers
Accommodation is mainly in hostels, home stays apartments & Budget hotels due to the lengthy stay and the fact that this group is more of workers than tourists.

Kenya Volunteer logistical support
Essenia Safari Experts will do all logistical support including choice of organisations, booking into hostel, transport, health advice, security issues and visa facilitation among others. We mind for your duration of stay in the region as you accomplish your goals.